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October 30, 2008

ANA Supports Obama

Analogo.72x34[1] My resourceful editor, Susan Yox, sent me information about ANA's support of the Obama/Biden ticket. They have developed a new Website, Nurses for Obama Biden.  Through this Website, you can find more information on ANA’s endorsement process and comparisons between Sen. Obama’s and Sen. McCain’s healthcare plans. You will also find a link to watch a video of Sen. Obama thanking the ANA for their endorsement! 

The very first link that I went to was the Obama Biden Marketplace for T-shirts, and other political ticket merchandise. Over the past few weeks, it seems to me that the issue of healthcare has been lost due to the volatile economy. I haven’t heard many answers to the current healthcare issues -- the uninsured, in particular, as I am one of them. It’s taken a backstage pass in the election. That worries me, since the economy is also reflected in healthcare delivery, quality, and accessibility to Americans. Correct?

Take a look at the views of both candidates regarding healthcare. How much can a $ 5000 dollar tax credit buy for you when it comes to medications, physician appointments, etc? Not much, as for me DBS programming costs more than $3600 per session.

What are your thoughts about the ANA supporting the Obama-Biden ticket?

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News is really an amazing one about the ANA Supports Obama,and good thing that they have developed a new Website, Nurses for Obama Biden,and may be it is right that the economy is also reflected in healthcare delivery,in some of the conditions and facts the economy plays an main role,also it can affect or effect.

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i have neverjoined the ana for the vary reason that i see here. it's interesting that they take a political position that will not benefit nurses, and not improve patient care. i'm certain that there are benefits for the ana however.

Posted by: sandy p. | Nov 9, 2009 8:41:43 AM

What did the ANA get from Obama....??

Posted by: | Nov 17, 2008 4:14:44 AM

BOY oh Boy! I heard a disscussion on unions and how they are an obsolete entity. I have to agree. Now the ANA is backing BO... He is a threat to our very way of life! Socialized medicine? Come on!! Do these change lovers realize that TAXES will have to increased more than double to pay for it? It's like everyone being on Medicaid. Doesn't anyone know how that system fails??? Good Lord WAKE UP!!
Have you northern border states ever gone shopping in Canada in the heyday of great exchange rates?? did you think you were getting a great deal? Well in a way yes, but you were still paying 15% tax. So your 30 cent on the dollar exchange was really only 10 or 15 cents.
America needs a wake up call, maybe BO will be the poison to jar them awake. After all we needed a CArter to get a Reagan. :)

Posted by: | Nov 17, 2008 4:13:36 AM

ANOTHER reason I do not support the ANA!!! Beka, are you a nurse and uninsured??? Greg:You have not talked to the Canadians, nor the UK English or you would learn they are certainly NOT happy with their Government Healthcare system. Canadian friends who want QUALITY healthcare in a TIMELY/NEEDED timeframe come to the USA!! Kat: RIGHT!! Sara: AMEN!! And what happened to OUR oath, to "DO NO HARM"........ Yes, I am PRO-LIFE, (and so is the Constitution of the USA). How about giving WOMEN the RIGHT TO CHOOSE to get (or not get) PREGNANT??? Then give the BABY the Right to LIFE??

Posted by: Jan,RN | Nov 16, 2008 3:39:47 PM

Frankly, I am surprised that the ANA would support a political candidate while, since its existance, never supported its own profession. Having been a nurse for over 35 years, I believe that we would never have needed physicians assistants had it not been for the fact that nursing has discouraged independent advanced practice. Other complaints: non-support regarding understaffing issues, anal-retentive requirements for approved continuing nursing education, and more. What business does the ANA have in taking a political stand but insisting nurses be "nonjudgemental" toward our patients regarding religion, sexual preference, etc.? I would be very surprised if any health care reform will be done in light of our country's present financial crisis.

Posted by: | Nov 7, 2008 9:34:43 AM

I think that nationalizing healthcare would save us a bundle now spent on high administrative costs, advertising, and care sometimes geared more towards profit than efficiency and good outcomes. How many of those USA drugs are real breakthroughs vs. copycats of existing products in order to get a new patent? Lots of medical products in the same category. I think we provide a lot of excellent care, but our system is no bargain. Most of the people I talk to like their nationalized systems just fine.

Posted by: Greg Gallagher | Nov 4, 2008 7:04:52 PM

I find it interesting that the ANA is backing Obama and interesting that this blog site was listed just under the article: "The Potential Imposition of Wage Controls on nurses: A Threat to Nurses, Patients, and Hospitals". Is the ANA really supporting its nurse members here? What do you think will happen if the government controls healthcare? Price/salary controls will be a must. In France, income tax rates are as high as 52%- the average (for say, factory workers) is 31%. MD's make the US equivalent of $55,000 a year and there are many price controls. The French gov't is in debt because of healthcare and many purchase supplemental insurance because the national system does not cover enough services. The U.S. system needs some repair, but socialized medicine is NOT the answer!!

Posted by: Kat | Nov 4, 2008 6:51:02 PM

This is the very reason why I will never be a member of the ANA and yes I am looking at the whole picture. I suggest you read "The Potential Imposition of Wage Controls on Nurses: A Threat to Nurses, Patients, and Hospitals" by Peter I. Buerhaus, Phd, RN, FAAN if you think nationalized health care is the way to go.
Health care will cease to exist as we know it. Everyone will now visit the health care department; physicians offices will no longer exist. MRI & CT scans; take a number and wait for months. We have friends in Canada, England, and Holland. They have told us again and again how wonderful our health care system really is. There will be no incentive to create new and better technology since one will not receive any compension for doing so. USA companies develop more new drugs than any other country; this will slow or cease. Be careful what you wish for!
Something to think about.

Posted by: Sara Donevant | Nov 4, 2008 6:04:01 PM

This blog does not support ANY one position or either candidate. I wrote it as I heard of the news that it was the ANA who had taken the position of supporting Obama. This blog is not about Abortion, Rights, or other issues.

Check out the site : www.ifonecouldvote.org


Posted by: beka | Nov 4, 2008 7:44:08 AM

I am a registered Republican and support the Obama/Biden ticket 110%. You seem to be focused on one issue, primarily abortion. If that is your only motivator, then you need to look a little more broadly. Remember ... Govenor Palin stated that her daughter made a decision to have the baby. A decision apparently she doesn't want anyone else to be able to make. After all, if you make a decsion, you must have a CHOICE. I am a firm believer that the Pro Life movement should remane itself Pro Birth, because that really is what it is all about. LIFE indicates that one might actually HAVE an opportunity to live after being born. Unlike many children born and wounded by parental abuse.

Sorry, I debated stepping in here, but voting on one single issue is a poor choice no matter which side you are on...

Posted by: | Nov 3, 2008 5:02:31 PM

I one hundred percent agree with Lori who posted on Nov 2, 2008. The bill she is referring to is the only bill Mr. Obama has ever fought for! The right of the states to govern fetalcide! How could we as nurses, and the leaders of the ANA even begin to follow these political agendas? Just for kicks I researched nursing in Canada, for comparison sake. In Ontario, nurses start out at $20,000 per year (our CNA wages)and cap out at $52,000 per year (closer to our American starting wages). Oh, and that is only after the nurse has served for 25 years, and the government thinks she has met her criteria for the raise in pay. Do you want our government telling you how much you can make after how long? Do you really want to have gone through all the training to become a nurse to make $10.00 per hour again, not to mention all the liability you carry. Did I also mention that my aunt lives in Ontario,Canada and it really is true, they pay 50% of their income in taxes. I don't know about you but I can't live on $10,000 per year. Even if you agree with the government being in charge of abortions, in any way they are performed, like letting the head be born so the doc can stab the skull to kill the fetus before it comes out ( partial birth abortion) maybe you will care enough not to vote this ticket when you think of your pocket books! And we call ourselves good critical thinkers-HMM!

Posted by: Julia Bluth | Nov 3, 2008 12:10:30 AM

I saw this on the ANA website last week and was flabbergasted! I do not believe in supporting a candidate because of ONE single issue, but it looks like the medical community, hospital chains, etc., including some info I have received through a friend, are indeed supporting Obama. This includes nursing schools, nursing organizations, etc. I don't know the AMAs stance on this issue. It appears that the medical community DOES want a socialized healthcare system for selfish reasons (no more uninsured patients!)We as nurses arae not rolling in the dough; how about paying 50-60% of your income in taxes to fund Obama's "gifts" to the minority community-think about it fellow nurses: are you willing to support the 44 million uninsured with increased taxes? I am not! I want job training and programs to help these unfortunate souls to get out of their "ENTITLEMENT" and Learned Helplessness rut and become concerned, tax-paying citizens!

Posted by: KIm W | Nov 2, 2008 7:44:00 PM

That the ANA can endorse a candidate who voted against a bill that would allow for life-sustaining measures to be offered to a child (fetus, amalgum of cells, humanoid mass of tissue or whatever descriptive that makes one comfortable with this abomination)born alive from an attempted abortion speaks volumes about the lack of sophisticated and critical thinking of the leadership of the ANA. The sophomoric attraction by the ANA to the notion of "change" which Obama personifies belies a teeniebopper's swoon for something new and exciting. I suggest that the leadership of the ANA grow up and actually THINK about the implications of an Obama presidency and the philosophy underlying his views, especially on life issues. Honest abortion advocates are willing to admit that abortion ends a life. They simply hold the view that the life of the unborn is of lesser value than other life. In my opinion this is at least an honest and consistent position. Does the ANA really want to associate itself with this line of the thinking and it's represaentative, Barack Obama? As resources become more scarce, who becomes the arbiter of which lives are more valuable than others? The state? The state should guarantee the protection of life, not actively support the taking of life. The implications of an Obama presidency are truly an "Obamanation."

Posted by: Lori LaCour | Nov 2, 2008 1:03:01 AM

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