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September 16, 2008


Consult72x721 “There is snow outside the kitchen door. It covers the deck in white sheets, unbroken except for the occasional paw print, and it cascades off the steps in thick, soft layers onto the pine trees in our backyard.” So begins the plight of a first year medical resident in upstate New York. Right away, I was reminded of my own backyard in upstate NY -- the massive snow in the winter and the pine trees that are next to our own house. Shoveling snow often preoccupies our time during long winters!

The journey described by the author  took me through his first day as an intern with the help of nurses during an on-call shift. He never would have made it without the assistance and knowledge of nurses. Ahhh -- how these young interns depend on us so much.  Some realize it immediately, others don’t realize it until their first medical error arises, and still others never realize the value of nurses during their entire residency (or their entire medical careers!).

Do you remember your first interaction with green, wide-eyed interns? Share your story with us! (Please alter any names and other identifying characteristics.)

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I remember walking off the elevator with 4 of my collegues, walking side-by-side 5-wide, taking up the entire hallway, and hearing the new resident (intern the day before) telling the new interns, " and no matter what, ALWAYS listen to them" pointing to us. As a young (1 year of practice) nurse, I was so proud.

Posted by: cindy | Oct 28, 2008 4:05:47 PM

This was an excellent essay.Please read it and then please share your first interactions with green, wide-eyed interns that all arrive each July with pristine white pressed lab coats. Mind you - Ironed and bleached !

Anyone know the dose of Tylenol ? ( chuckle..)


Posted by: beka | Sep 17, 2008 3:05:50 AM

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