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May 05, 2008

Silent Auction for Dystonia

Broadway  was crowded with tourists today. A cool wind wiped the petals of tulips along Park Avenue. It felt like early March weather. I had done my research. I was visiting the Broadway theaters one by one to ask for donations for a silent auction to benefit dystonia. Something needs to be done. Research is not progressing, except for a form of dystonia that is genetically-based and affects less than 10 % of those afflicted with dystonia.

Broadway is known for its theater district and often is called the “Great White Way” because of its bright lights that shine at all hours of the day.  Broadway originated as a Native American trail, called the Wickquasgeck Trail, which was carved into the brush-land of Manhattan. This trail originally snaked through swamps and rocks along the length of Manhattan Island. Today I was swamping my way through crowds, primarily those carrying maps and NYC tourist bibles.

One by one, theater after theater, I stopped in, asked for a silent auction donation to Care4Dystonia  and the Dystonia Association of Kentucky.  Soon, I had billboards autographed by directors, souvenirs from Mary Poppins, and miscellaneous caps, mugs, and posters. In a few hours I had about $5000 worth of material for the auction. Not too bad, considering this was my first time! I really had no idea how a silent auction worked, but if it brought revenue to nonprofits, then that was all that mattered.

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Well, I must say that I do feel pleased. Smug a bit, in fact. Last week , with an author friend of mine who knows how to beg, I returned to the Broadway arena, dragging home another few memorabilia items.

I even got a painting from Mary Tefleur. if you like ROSES, check out her site at www.telfleur.com.


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