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March 17, 2006

Center for Nursing Advocacy Awards

Thumbmnp524602fig21I'm not sure how familiar everyone is with the Center for Nursing Advocacy, but take a look at this article: Nurses and the Media: The Center for Nursing Advocacy  We interviewed the nurse who initiated this center about the harmful portrayals of nurses in the media -- "naughty" nurses, angelic nurses, and as she points out, in the most popular medical TV shows, INVISIBLE nurses. Don't miss the "awards" the Center gave to many of the most popular TV shows (Grey's Anatomy, House), books, commercials, and more.
Susan Yox, Editor, Medscape Nurses

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Posted by: Philippine Nurses Site | Jul 29, 2007 8:51:33 AM

You know, honestly, I was looking for this very kind of article today-and, I have been a patient from cerebral palsy all of my life, from rehab to everyday visits for my general health. Nurses are absolutely the INVISIBLE person on medical shows today. There are the gals who are the homewreckers of the doctors family life, murders his wife, flirtatious confidants with the doctors private woes, sits at a desk under a pile of papers saying some mealymouthed answer of yes doctor, no doctor, or is some big bossy sarcastic jailhouse manager who get those busy doctors their phone calls and a cup of coffee!
On the other hand of female doctors, they are the brilliant, but slutty type, divorced from the Dr. and still having custody battles with him over the kids and dog, students who plot after fellow male students of the physicain trade, spend most of the time being neurotic and overly ambitious women who live in the locker room waiting to jump the fabulous Dr. who comes in after surgery, if she is not having a hissy fit over some poor beleagured emergancy patient who has been shot. And, all of those nauseating psychological problems those doctors of both sex have, while nurses jump out of the dark corners with some silly clipboard to have it thrown back at her with some pompous remark of "It's the wrong one!". Stupid TV doctors never read them on television sitcoms, especially on the soaps-if there is ever any real medical issue other than standiong on their feet all day long, arguing with "Sexy and Overdressed Jill" who shows up to inform him that "John is back in Oak Root Town, so what are we going to do about this, should we tell Barb?" Seriously, where have all the nurses gone to? Both male and female? Totally unimportand and uninteresting-NOT SEXY!! They do more than prop up people on pillows, take blood pressures to fill in empty time and go find Barb to tell her about John!!! Honestly, would you want to even go through the front door of any of these idiotic hospitals to have these sappy inadequate people even put a band-aid on your little toe? They never even show male nurses, period! They can't even take the serious subject of insurance as a part of hospital life, unless a nurse is scurrying in some doorway to stick some paper in the "Dr. Magnificent's, but slightly untrained, and worried about those expensive dates with ex-wife of the hospital manager" hand, saying "Here IT is Dr.!" Pathetic, and a really lousy and unfair version of the real medical world of both women and men nurses!

Posted by: Seanne Prine | Apr 27, 2006 6:32:24 PM

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