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November 22, 2005

Nurses and Pharmacists Prescribing in UK

Prescriptionpaper72x721Medscape just posted a news article describing some new developments in nurse and pharmacist prescribing in the UK. The article is at UK Expands Prescribing Powers for Nurses, Pharmacists  . It seems that a select subgroup of nurses and pharmacists in the UK have been prescribing from a limited formulary for many years and studies have indicated the safety and appropriateness of this initiative. Now, begining in 2006, nurses and pharmacist will have much wider and less-restricitve prescribing powers. Nurses wishing to prescribe according to the new policy must be registered nurses, with a minimum of three years postregistration experience. Other requirements are that they should already have the specialist skills, qualifications, and experience within their own field; they must be seconded with managerial support; and they must complete a 38- to 40-day course over six months, under the supervision of a medical mentor. The course is at degree level, and assessments include written examinations, essays, and objective structured clinical examinations.

In the US, nurse practitioners continue to struggle for comprehensive prescribing privileges in some states, while RNs without advanced practice certification have no prescribing privileges at all. Pharmacists in the US are also increasingly interested in this area. Medicare changes, and the allowance for "medication management" for pharmacists, may provide the impetus to expand prescribing privileges for these professionals as well.

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