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About the author...

Working on the development of Medscape's first blog, "In Our Own Words...," has been fun and exciting. Susan Yox (Susan is the editor and program director at Medscape Nurses) and I hope that all of you, the readers, enjoy this new venture as well. I am especially pleased that the blog debut coordinated so nicely with the celebration of Nurse's Week 2005.

The wonderful feature of this dynamic blog is that it is “all about you,” the readers of Medscape Nurses! So, please do provide your comments with the postings or email us with any suggestions or ideas that you may have.

I have enjoyed my roles at Medscape – as the Coordinating Editor of the Ask The Expert Advanced Practice Nurse forum for 6 years and the author of the “eLetters: Corresponding with Nurses” series at Medscape. "In Our Own Words..." allows me to be even more creative in my work.

Life long learning has been my mantra. “Many roles (and degrees) and varied professions” more aptly describes my own employment/professional path. Similar to  many of the Medscape Nurses readers, I have taken on numerous positions including staff nurse, psychiatric nurse clinician, nursing instructor, research coordinator, health care consultant, special projects coordinator and consultant, Web information resource assistant, health science librarian, freelance writer and editor. Again, like so many of our email writers, my nursing education has been the important core of most of my experiences.

In the meantime, please email us with your suggestions and enjoy our new feature! And may every week be a happy Nurse's Week for you!

Peggy W. Dryden RN, MS, MBA, MLS