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May 13, 2008

The Recession in New York

Last week was marked by rising oil prices, tens of thousands of lost jobs, and plummeting share prices that will have a profound impact on the 2008 candidates vying to succeed President George W. Bush. I have to admit that times are tough today. Job losses, rising oil prices, market losses on Wall Street, home foreclosures, rising food prices, empty “For Rent “ bodegas on Lexington Avenue… At my local bodega, the fresh flowers seem to have no buyers. I see people stockpiling cans of ravioli, cutting coupons, and reading shelved magazines at the local library instead of buying them.

My apartment building has become a revolving hotel with tenants moving in and out because they can’t afford the rents. Most rents in the building now exceed $2,100 per month. Lucky ole me – I’m well below the market price value as my apartment is rent stabilized. However, I have to admit to looking for a new job that offers benefits and other things including a heftier hourly salary. Thinking of my retirement years… Have even thought of leaving NYC…Moving to? Maybe North Dakota! But there’s one big problem with that choice – I have freaky wires implanted in my head.

In a recent interview Warren Buffett, the world's richest person, said “The U.S. economy is in a recession that will be more severe than most people expect.” Well, if he’s saying this, then it must be true – we are in a recession. Yet, the Wall Street Journal reported that the ailing economy would ease the nursing shortage! More nurses going back to work, part-timers going to full-time, etc. Okay, what then? Will we have too many nurses? Will salaries go down for us? Will hospitals fill those empty positions or not?

Dollararrow72x451 How has the recession affected you?

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Are gas prices affecting your commute to work? Workplace choice?


Posted by: beka | May 25, 2008 3:42:18 PM

ell, gas prices are up to $3.79 per gallon here in NYC.
Close to $4 dollars in San Francisco.

The City buses seem to be getting more and more crowded. Jam-packed this morning.
More shops going out of business.
Less flowers being bought at the local bodegas.
The outside cafes are less occupied.

Yet, it is being reported that the nursing shortage is easing up ? Really ? Your thoughts ?


Posted by: beka | May 19, 2008 8:44:21 PM

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