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April 08, 2008

Spring Blooms

Ervik0806091_21 I don’t like the time re-adjustment that happens in the US in the spring (Daylight Savings Time). Well, that’s not really true: I don’t like the mornings, but I do like the daylight in the evenings. I’m a late riser -- 12 noon usually -- and the time change means I’m getting up earlier, according to my body clock. There isn’t enough Starbucks’ coffee in the world to cope with this sort of thing.

But even as I struggle to adjust, I walk the neighborhoods on the Upper East Side, passing flower shops and bodega cafes. The spring blooms are out on the sidewalks by 10 am. Shipments are delivered well before daylight arrives – around 5 am. Boxes filled with carnations, lilies, tulips, and daffodils- true signs that warmer weather is coming.

Of course, for me -- this could only mean “beach weather” -- time spent on the South Jersey Shore. A few years ago we had had a warm spell in April; I found myself listening to the ocean roar and the waves pounding the white sand, as I munched on a hamburger, sunbathing on the Shore.

I’m ready for spring and the onset of summer. How about you?

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Well, after yesterday - the streets of Manhattan seemed to come alive after 4 pm or so. No one wanted to go inside after the sun set. Temps hit a high of 75 degrees finally! During the evening everyone was out, simply walking the streets and window-shopping! A sign of the time - Spring-time!!The UN has amassed fields of bright blooming daffodils. A wonderful site. And the meadow in Central Park was filled with first-time sun-bathers of the year!!

Phew - no more snow !! ( Hopefully..)

Posted by: beka | Apr 11, 2008 6:36:39 AM

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